3. NWL & NWS
Description: Coconut shell earring set in sterling silver on long hoop. Post earring back. One of the most popular designs

Size: Left: NWL h 2"x w 1"x d 1/8" *scarlet
Right: NWS h 1 1/4" x w 3/4" x d 1/8" *wine

Colors available: scarlet, black, bone, sky blue, tangerine, yellow ocher, violet, turquoise, sage, wine, marine.

Price: NWL $98   NWS $88

Description: Sterling silver and coconut shell pendant with carnelian semi precious stones, on 18" snake chain.

Size: h 1 3/4 x w 1 1/2" x d 1/4"

Price: $240

Description: Sterling silver cartouche with semi precious stones. Ear wire.

Size: h 1 1/4" x w 1/4" x d 1/16"

Stones available: *carnelian, peridot, turquoise, garnet, amethyst, and iolite.

Price: $120